ZippyHelp Batch Watermarker  ZippyHelp Batch Watermarker ZippyHelp Batch Watermarker ZippyHelp Batch Watermarker
Watermark, Crop, and Resize multiple photos in a single batch
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New eBay Rules (Click here)

These rules only apply to photos hosted by eBay, not photos down in the description.

Beginning early 2013:
  • Photos uploaded to eBay hosting must be at least 500 pixels on the long side. This tool will enlarge small photos, although it is not recommended to do so.
  • Colored borders may not be applied to photos uploaded to eBay hosting.
  • Ownership watermarks must be unobtrusive and must not include advertising.
  • Other text applied to photos will not be allowed.
Beginning Fall 2017:
  • Watermarks are no longer permitted on images uploaded with eBay listings. Policy.
  • Sellers who continue to include watermarks in images will have their listings removed from search if not corrected by March 1, 2018.
  • eBay recommends using photo best practices on eBay.

1. Upload 1 to 12 photos, or try our Sample images

2. Rotate images if necessary.

3. Fill editing cells. Apply batch settings.

 Set options here for entire batch, then adjust individual photos:
Click watermark position. →
0, 0

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Text Size

Logo Size

4. Adjust individual photos.

5. Select Size & Make Zip File Make zip file

How to use this Tool

1. Upload your photos to the tool
Select one to 12 photos from your computer and upload in the top slots. Only JPG and GIF image formats may be uploaded, and the tool will return a JPG image. For best results, use a camera setting under 4MP or the images may be too large to upload. The uploaded photos will appear in the thumbnail row.

2. Rotate
After all the photos have uploaded, if any thumbnail photo is sideways, click the arrow above the thumbnail to rotate the image left or right. Click the middle numbered button to rotate completely upside down (180°).

3. Fill Cells
Click the "Fill Cells" button to populate the editing cells with all of the thumbnails. The editing cells display at a temporary size that is convenient for manipulating. If you need to use a photo more than once, each editing cell has a button to pull in a specified photo , in addition to an option to remove a photo from the editing cell .

4. Crop Images
The Crop option affects all photo cells, but individual cells can be adjusted afterwards. Double-clicking editing cells will cycle through the crop settings. Additionally, the crop outline can be dragged around the image cell when the crop is smaller than the image.

Pullers around each editing cell allow you to crop from any side. The resulting dimensions display as you pull the tabs. The displayed crop sizes are in relation to the workspace image and will be rescaled to your selected final size.

Cropping away unecessary background will give the appearance of a larger subject when the final size is created; and if you are planning to upload the photo to eBay, cropping a square will give you the best use of eBay's space.

5. Add Border Effects
The tool provides several border effects. They will be applied to all photos in the batch and can not be individually turned off or selected. The default is NO edge effect for eBay compatibility.

6. Watermark
Select a watermark option. The text option opens a text slot for adding your name or short text message. The Logo option opens a slot for adding your pre-hosted logo or watermark image. Add the full web address for the hosted logo (JPG, GIF, or PNG). Either a logo or text option can be used on your photo, but not both, unless you send the photo through the tool twice.

Settings on the watermark tool can be used to set the size of your watermark or text relative to the size of the photo that is loaded into the editing cell. The intensity sets the transparency of the watermark, and you might choose a different instensity depending on the location or background color behind the watermark. Both size and intensity can be individually adjusted within each editing cell.

Use the grid on the watermark tool to fix the watermark to a specific location on all photos. The watermark can then be dragged individually on each image for fine tuning. If you recrop, you may need to resize and relocate individual watermarks. The text or logo watermark will be scaled to match the image size you choose when saving.

The text watermark will preserve extra spaces and <br> can be added to break the text into multiple lines.

7. Replacing or removing individual photos
If you need to replace a photo in the thumbnail row, match the upload slot number to the thumbnail number to be replaced. After the new image is uploaded and rotated, if necessary, use the replacement button on the workspace image to update it with the corrected thumbnail.

A photo whose thumbnail has been updated, but whose workspace image has not, will use the images still present in the workspace.

By clicking the remove button , a photo can be removed from the workspace and won't be included in the zip file.

8. Select image size
The drop list provides a selection of final image sizes available when saving. The dimension is for the longest side, so your images can be wide or tall or square.

9. Make images
The "Make" button will process all your photos, applying your watermark and crops to the images on the server. The new images will be sent back to you in a zip file that you can save to your computer. If you have only a single photo in the workspace, that single photo will be delivered, rather than a zip file.

If you can not download a zip file, then set the image size in section 5 and use the popup preview on each photo to process photos one at a time. A single image will display in the viewer where you can manually copy to your computer before processing the next photo.