Photo Expander - Enlarge small photos to 500 pixels
Enlarge the Background or Enlarge the Photo
(will reduce large photos)

1. Upload your photo and you will see two results:
    A. a background enlargement that you may edit further and save, and
    B. an image enlargement that you may save.

A. Background Enlargement:
  • The background will automatically extend to 502 pixels square.
  • The added background colors are blended, based on the four corner colors.
    • To further adjust background colors, click a desirable color
      directly on the photo (outlined in red when moused over)
      near the corner to be changed.
    • To manually select a color, click a corner tab/dot
      and select a color from the palette.
  • To change the edge smoothing (feathering) on the outlined image,
    select a value from 0 to 80.
  • Add an overlay border if desired for further edge smoothing.
B. Image Enlargement:
  • Better choice for images with patterned or busy backgrounds.
  • The image will resize to 502 pixels on the long side and a bit of sharpening will be applied.

2. When satisfied, click "Download Image" and save your preferred new image.


Edge smoothing:

Image color @ coords:

Border style:

  Background Enlargement  

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support this feature.

  Image Enlargement  

Your browser may let you
right-click to save
as PNG image